Mobile Blog, or Mblog, or Moblog whatever it is called dooms to be a very attractive new approach for the bloggers. When I was looking into the potential application of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), the Moblog is the first thing I thought could be used to connect the wired and wireless world.

So, what is Moblog? The bloggers usually publish their stuff from internet-connected device, such as PC; They are sitting in a cafe bar, at home, and have a coffee, light a cigarret then post everything in minds they want to expose to public. Doing a blogging is very relaxing time since you can write anything in your ways. However, the common blogging approaches are all based on internet service. What if you are traveling somewhere and want to share the land-view with your family; you are sitting in a bus and some funny thoughts suddenly aspired by the guys before you….The reality is that the Bloggers are MOBILE. Here comes the Moblog which gives the possibility for the bloggers to publish there contents anywhere and anytime with mobile handset, such as mobile phone.

How to do that? First of all, let’s look at what we have in the convention Blogging systems. Most of blogging systems supports a few blogging standards: Atom, Blog API, Metablog API, MovableType,etc. What we have in the wireless world (let’s look at GPRS and 3G networks) then: Email, MMS, SMS. So the solution is quite clear, the core tech of Moblog is to convert the contents bundled in Email, MMS or SMS into the formats of the blogging protocols.

When I was trying the Moblog by converting the MMS message into Atom/Blog API/Email about 1.5years ago, this market is almost NIL. But now if you do a search in Google, there are a few very good implementation (in either commercial website or personal website). Email-to-Blog is the most popular way to do this, the blogger construct a Multimedia Message on his phone, and set the receipt to be a specific email address assigned by the Moblog system then simply click to send. MSN Space, WordPress…..are all support email-blogging. For the guys are intersted in this, here is more information Wiki Moblog.

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  1. Then there are a lot of moblog communities, like, textamerica and so on.

    Nokia have a software called nokias Lifeblog, and SE have phones that comes with moblogfunctions for blogging with blogger.

    It’s an interesting world, the world of moblogging.

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