The next generation of Nokia mobile web browser is going to support Ajax applications! What a breaking news will it be for Ajaxer!

Reported by Nokia Developer Forum, the Nokia Open Source Browser (S60 OSS Browser) which will be released with new S60 v3 platform will support Ajax application.
Let’s have a brief description on what the new browser can do:

The new Web browser for S60 is based on the WebCore and JavaScriptCore components of Apple’s Safari Web Kit that Apple uses in its Safari browser. Based on KHTML and KJS from KDE’s Konqueror open source project, this software has enabled Nokia to achieve improvements in Web site usability on smartphones through the re-use of a proven desktop rendering engine that has been developed and optimized by a large open source community over many years.

This browser enables smartphone users to browse full Web pages on a smartphone screen with features such as:

* Preservation of the original page layout, presented just as the Web site designer intended;
* Easy navigation of Web pages through page miniatures, reducing the amount of scrolling;
* Pop-up blocking, enhanced start page, and simplified menus;
* Visual History, an easy-to-use back function, showing miniature views of previous pages;
* Text Search, which works as you type, taking you directly to the interesting part of the page;
* Dynamic HTML, supporting dynamic menus, rollovers, and scripted behavior such as AJAX applications;
* Extensive support of industry standards including W3C’s HTML, XHTML 1.0, DOM, CSS and SVG-Tiny; other Web standards such as SSL and ECMAScript; and Netscape style plug-ins such as Flash Lite and audio.

Architecture of Nokia OSS Browser

The Architecture of this new browser is also given in OpenSource.Nokia:

Here also gives a nice Flash demonstration on how the Mobile Web2.0 application looks like with the support of Ajax.
More information can be found in the Wiki of this S60 browser
For the developers who want to the core of how the browser is developed, is the place to learn everything.

Guys…I have to emphasize that all the web 2.0 developers now must think about the immegrate all the current web 2.0 apps towards wireless world!!!

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