Techcrunch UK has profiled two new UK-based VoIP service companies, Truphone & ConnectMeAnywhere. More interesting is that both have defined a new term: MoIP which stands for Mobile over IP to differenciate with VoIP (Voice over IP), regardless that they are still using the same core technology Voice Over IP.

 they are nice ideas. Both are trying to enable peoples use their mobile handset to make the VoIP call, i.e. call through Internet (WiFi, GPRS, 3G, etc.)

However, I dont think I will use them in near future. Here are my points:

Truphone I was willing to download it to give a go. But I gave it up when I found I need send a txt message to a ShortCode to get the download link. 25p, yeah, it is not a big money, but why I should pay for something I do even know how it looks like. If it is MIDP .jar file, or SIS file, give me the link, say, where I can download it from. Truphone, are you saling your MoIP product or service? It is the first time I saw the customer should pay a VoIP company for its voip-client!!

Secondly, when I checked the Compatible PHone lists, I got stuck again. Mine is N70 which I thought it is good enough. Truphone require E-series Nokia phones which are WiFi-supported. Hey, do you know E-series are not popular at all?

ConnectMeAnywhere ‘No need to download or install phone software’, oh yeah. I like this. Registration done..Login…all look fine. Then I found that the contraversial thing is that I have add all my contact I want to call and all the contact will be assigned a new CMA number…No…why I should remember a extra number for every contact? Is there any international staff working for CMA? Do they know most of the foreigners here are using either IP card or a Access Number, by which they only need remember one extra Number, such as 0845******. Secondly, the price. The price CMA offer is not cheap at all (at least it is not competitive).

I like the idea of MoIP, in general. But my last question is how they can compete with other company such as Skype which is my favarioute so far. Skype client is free, and it has different versions working on Palm, PocketPC, Linux, Windows. Cool.. That is what we talk about here – Mobile VoIP