Still cannot tell when the big moment will finally arrive, I know some of your guys and startups are expecting these days in China. What I can say here is that I am working really hard to make this possible and it is coming very soon.

Whenever will it be, I think it is time to say Thank You to the guys who help me reach so many brilliant startups in the past three weeks. I am really happy and exciting to see the network is expanding almost everyday.

First thanks to Sam Sethi from TC UK who brought me into this exciting network. Thanks to Bruce Wang who recognise me and help me setup a China Web 2.0 PR Network, you are very kind! Thanks to Tangos, you have done a brilliant job for the chinese startups. Kevin Wen, one of the founder of BlogChina, surely your experience and advices will be appreciated. Thanks to Liu Jin who help me find Xinxin, the founder of Feedsky. Thanks to Jim, Yifeng Chu from, Gary from, Sayonly from, Zhanbin from i.blogbeta. Also wanna say thanks in advance to Isaac Mao from, Blogsir the founder of, I am sure I can get lots of valuable opinion from you.

Everyone knows the Chinese market is massive, but most of the chinese startups are still unseen to the world. There are many young enterpreneurs showing up these days with their innovative startups and they are deserved to be recoginised by the world market. Due to some reason such as the language barrier, some of the foreign startups are still afraid of getting in touch with the chinese market. There is so much I really want to do, it is very challenging but I wil be confident to carry this on.

Thanks for all.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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