It’s been my great pleasure to know two of big names in Internet Browser world in the past three days. Tristan Nitot, the president of Mozilla Europe, I met him in London Firefox 2 Party; Netanel Jacobsson, the SVP & Partner at Maxthon (formerly known as MYIE2), I was talking to him on Skype and will meet him in Le Web3, Paris in the coming week.

Personally, I am big fan of both browsers. Now, frankly speaking, I have got used to Firefox. It is nothing wrong with Maxthon, the only reason for me is that here in UK, Firefox is much more popular. But I still have Maxthon installed in my laptop and keep it updated from time to time. I think my story with Maxthon could go back to the very beginning of MYIE2 when I was quite annoyed by the crashing of IE. (My memory told it is the MYIE2 first introduced the Tab Browsing feature, not sure if it is correct, though).

Two great guys and very nice to talk to them, but that is not the only point I want to make here. Google vs. Microsoft, if Google win in the last, who will be its key partners, surely the Internet Browser providers. Even if Google lost, if you are tired of looking for some tools from Internet, if we still believe the idea of “Software as a Service”, and if you are still curious about how the Online Operating System looks like, I bet either Firefox or Maxthon will become your all-in-one favorite. If you havenot tried the beauty of Plugins or Extensions, try them now: for Firefox and for Maxthon.

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