A week ago, in Le Web 3, Paris, over 1000 bloggers, entrepreneurs many from U.S and Europe, only 2 Chinese (Bo Y. Shao, founder of eachnet.net and me),  and one panel named ”The Dragon’s web : what can we learn from Internet in China?”. The panel speaker, Bo Y. Shao, Netanel Jacobsson – Partner & SVP Maxthon and Pierre Haski – Liberation Journalist, author of 5 years in China. I was really expecting this, it was supposely to reveal some power of Chinese internet market.

I have to say that I was dissapointed. The panel was directed to a wrong way by Loic’s unneccesary first question: Why chinese web is always cencored by the government.  Then Shao started explaining why the censorship is sometime required, Net was trying to defense Shao, the entire conversation was completely drifted away. Everybody know China has a massive internet market, but from this panel I am afraid the only image the audience can learn is that the censorship is everything about Chinese web. What!

Thanks to Loic and Ouriel for their hard work to organise this huge conference and for a panel talking about China. But I really wish one day we can see more Chinese entreprneurs come out of China and present their talent works to the world. What I can do now is to introduce more Chinese startups in English somewhere soon.

The following is the videoclip of that panel recorded by vpod.tv.