Time.com rank the best and boldest of 2006 for film, TV, music, sports, news, scandals, etc. It is really interesting for me to check out is its TOP10 websites and TOP10 podcasts. I introduced the awards of web2.0 from one of the most famous tech blog Mashable.com, but now let’s have a look at the websites the traditional media is interested with. The following is the translation, and pleasure refer to TIME.com for full coverage.


TOP 10 Website:

1. Prosper.com – 采取竞拍的形式的在线借贷服务;

2. Google Calendar – 这个就不介绍了吧;

3. ZAFU.com – 可以根据客户的体形和特别要求提供服务的在线牛仔裤定购网站;

4. YouREP.com – Flickr类型的网站,但是它有自己的特色,比如根据地理位置浏览图片,每个用户可以获得2G的空间等等。

5. FINETUNE.com – Pandora类型的在线音乐网站,但是好像更多了些社会性。

6. NEWSVINE.com – 新闻类网站,同时具有Digg功能,博客可以在上面添加自己发现的新闻,同时分享以此带来的广告收入等等。Newsvine的后台挺大的,包括ESPN,Disney等等;

7. Bargainist.com – 帮助你发现各种商店里的优惠卷,打折商品等等;

8. Earthalbum.com – 基于地理位置的集成Flickr的照片浏览网站;

9. Green Maven – 环保类综合网站;

10. Online Video Guide – 将各个视频类网站综合在一起,提供统一搜索服务的网站。


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