I am not quite sure why SecondLife has not released its Chinese version. Maybe it is on the way, or they think it is not ready for this massive and protected market, or they dont think it worths releasing a Chinese version (they got Germany, Japanese version, though) . Honestly, I almost gave up the registration on SecondLife.com. Reason? Because the only Surname looks like a typical Chinese family name is Yao, and I dont think my memory is good enough to remember a second none-Chinese Surname! Last night, I discovered a new comment on one of my post about SecondLife, then I dug into their site and also did a thorough search in Google. Wow!! The reality is that some (and more and more) Chinese has enjoyed their SecondLife!

This site is called SecondLife Chinese Federation (SecondLife中国同盟). I dont know how many registered users they have got now, but let’s check the topics which are quite interesting: News, Finance, Tutorial, Tips, Map of Game, GameScript, ExchangeCenter. These guys look quite serious about their second lives. Another site I found later from Google is called SecondLife Chinese Guild (SecondLife中文指南). It is a quite new Forum (only one month old) with 279 users. Not much information I found there, but it linked me to a few more sites, SecondLife Chinese Forum, SecondLife Life, etc. They all obviously look very young and lack of original information, but what it does matter here is that the SecondLife has already landed in China, un-officially though!

I remember there was a debate when I introduced the new jargon Web3.d to IdeaFactoryChina (an Invited only Google group where you can find quite a lot Chinese Web2.0 enthusiasm.) and asked for opinion about whether the Chinese can accept the SecondLife model. Some guys were against it and took it as a make-non-sense Bubble, the others think it’s still too early to draw the conclusion. They said World of Warcraft (WoW) was so popular in China and SecondLife might find a way to make Chinese gamers crazy.

OK. I dont know if this post is the very first one mentioned about the Chinese SecondLife communities, another fact I have to mention here is – the first SecondLife’s Millionaire is Chinese!

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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  1. I really don’t know such a online game, and never heard of it in some Chinese news…

    But it looks interesting… another the sims? I am not quite sure if Chinese like such a game, although it is extremely popular in western countries…

  2. Just had a taste of my “SecondLife” with my First-life partner, Amy. Comparing to the “Civilization”, there’s no clear guide/strategy to this game. But that’s life, at least for adult life, isn’t it? Noone tells you what you are supposed to get out of life. You read books and guides, trying to stay a step ahead. By the end of the day, you get out whatever you put into life.
    Of course, Amy being Amy, she spent good part of the day editing the appearance of her character, Silta Fellini. The graphics are fantastic, and definitely draws you in. However, it remains to be seen how successfully SecondLife is in getting the Chinese user to convert their RMB into Linden Dollars. It heavily depends on the sense of community in the fantasy world.

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