Introducing more Chinese internet startups/companies to the Global market is always the motivation of my blogging life. It is very glad to see what I wrote has attracted a few foreign friends, entrepreneurs and even VCs. I will put more effort and keep doing this in 2007, which I know it will do good to these Chinese internet startups. However, with more and more stories approaching me, I am asking myself these days: Is China ready for the global internet market?

Recently I have two posts re-published in and Maxthon. Feedsky is a purely Chinese, feed management service. I believe that Feedsky can be the key contact for the massive Chinese blog market. They has the potential to beat at least in Mainland China, HongKong and Taiwan. Maxthon might be the only one company recognized by the global internet market so far. It has its quite good user base all over the world and I believe it has the potential to play an important role in the browser market. 322 diggs for Maxthon so far and even surprisely it has been discussed on a Linux Journal which calls Maxthon The Real Firefox-killer. Both are good examples of Chinese internet companies, but why did the readers skip the Feedsky? BusinessWeek wrote an article talking about Web2.0 in China, it mentioned several video-sharing sites such as which has both Chinese and English version.  Frankly speaking, those sites are not very popular names in the Chinese Video-Sharing market, but believed or not, I still received the url to this article several times and was asked for more information about those sites.

If China was still lack of innovative startups in 2007, the stories I could write down will get less and less; If the China-based services still focus on Chinese-only market, how much feedback could we expect when we introduce them to the global market. The readers will read it then forget it simply because there is no way they can try the services; If the Chinese developers would not spend more time on learning the user-experience, we will still be at least 2 years behind the global competitors; If the local VCs could not re-consider their investing strategies to encourage more startups to do what they really want to do, how can we expect a Chinese YouTube in the near future?

The Korea-based service is alive in U.S, so China, are you ready? and When?

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  1. What you described is indeed true and I do hope things will change at some point. However, I can easily list several reasons why Chinese companies don’t target foreign market…

    Please keep up the good work. I believe that, even without foreign presence, some of these Internet companies in China deserve to be heard by the outside world.

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