Still no news about when the Chinese players will officially embrace the SecondLife, but my recent findings gave me an impression that the Chinese cannot wait for that.

1. Chen Qi, the founder of SecondLife Chinese Federation emailed me his brief plan, saying more SL lovers would join his team soon;

2. Collin from CityWeekend left a comment on my previous post about SL and a link to its Your Second Life in China;

3. Kevin, the chief editor of pinged me with some very good reports on Chinese Web2.0.  Accidentally, I found a game named “All Roads Lead to Beijing (条条大路通北京)” which is regarded as the Chinese SecondLife. The information about this 3D Virtual Reality Game is very limited and I could not even find the official website of its company. This game is still under developing but it is said that 

4. In Mid December 2006, Shenzhen Development Bank has signed a contract with the game’s company, and became the first commercial bank in this Chinese second life. Another company, HangZhou TianMuShan pharmaceutical Enterprise Co. Ltd. also joined this virtual reality show.

SecondLife and All-Roads-Lead-to-Beijing, which life will be more enjoyable for Chinese?!

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