EditGrid, the main product of HongKong-based company Team and Concepts (TnC) Ltd., is a leading Web 2.0 online spreadsheet service that focuses on online collaboration and interoperability. Having 1 year of development and 9 months of public beta with 18 beta releases, yesterday EditGrid has officially announced its subscription service, removing the beta tag from its site. We are very glad to have an interview with TnC’s founder and Chairman, David Lee a brilliant young man who was recently nominated by BusinessWeek as one of Asia’s Best Entrepreneurs under 25.

The online spreadsheet market is crowded, and the big players include Google Spreadsheets (as part of Google Docs & Spreadsheets), Zoho Sheet (as part of Zoho Office Suite), WikiCalc (as part of SocialText), ThinkFree Calc (as part of Thinkfree Office), but it seems that EditGrid is the only standalone offering here. We have not the full solution to the online office, but as a startup we are very proud to have the EditGrid on the top of the competition and we still feel there is so much to do to improve our service, David told us.

With its EditGrid Localization Project, EditGrid has been translated into 9 languages by its users. +15,000 registered personal users from +30 countries, +200 trial organizations and +4,500 trial organization users have created +23,000 spreadsheets. With its agile architecture that facilitates integration and embedding into enterprise application platforms, strong data manipulation and distribution capabilities and high usability, the EditGrid is available at Netvibes, Pageflakes and Google Personalized Homepage, and also at Salesforce AppExchange and several SaaS products and platforms.

David is of course excited with the out-of-beta announcement. He told us, the normal personal users can still enjoy our free service, and the new subscription service allows the organizations to subscribe to our subscription services for added security, administration and customization features. We offer a simple and affordable pricing at $5 per user per month, and academic and non-profit-making organizations will enjoy a 50% discount. We are not sure how much revenue this further step can bring to EditGrid, but it clearly shows the confidence and ambition of EditGrid’s team.

Toolbox, charts, document-sharing, live chats, etc., there are apparently too many to list here. For some of you who have not heard of or had experience with EditGrid, EditGrid’s development team maintains a very informative changelog and future plan.  EditGrid sent us an image: HongKong is small, but its startup can be huge.

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