FeedSky, the largest chinese feed management provider has announced its new service, Feedsky Blog Network (FBN). It is currently in the stage of private test and I am very glad to be invited to give it a go.

The idea is simple but interesting. It gives a group of bloggers who are interested in a particular topic the possibility to co-edit a virtual blog, i.e. the bloggers can blog on their own space individually but their posts will be aggregated into one Feedsky’s web page; The readers can now enjoy reading all the opinions from different source by subscribing a single feed. A registered Feedsky account will be able to create one blog network and join maximum three blog networks. I know the idea of blog network is not a new concept at all in this market, Feedburner’s Ad Network (FAN) first introduced this months ago and also integrated it with its advertising service. But it did bring some expectation to the Chinese blogosphere.

Be frank, I am not a good user of Feedsky service since Feedburner was with me at the very beginning of my blogging life. I once had some discussion with its CEO, Xinxin Lv about how to convince the experienced local bloggers to switch to FeedSky service. Offering more stable and powerful services is definitely the key, but unfortunately it might not be the remedy. What does most of the bloggers care about the feed management? The number of readers of course. It is a great experience to watch the number on that tiny icon changing everyday. If the number is the only thing does matter, why should the blogger bother to switch to another one?

Well, whatever, I still give my credits to FeedSky. FBN is on an early stage, but I can feel some of their further steps. Integration with Ad, that is for sure, then what’s the next? a variant of MyBlogLog, maybe?

The following is the badge for my Mobinode blog network which has aggregated 10 very good blogs and the aggregation RSS feed can be subscribed directly from here, and the aggregation blog site can be read on here

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