Keso, ex-editor in chief of Chinese BSP and one of the most influential Chinese bloggers has recently announced the opening of his own startup. The Keso’s new adventure, named 5G will be an Internet consulting company specializing in web2.0 market, reported by the largest Chinese news portal

It might not sound like a breaking news for most of you, and I also did not talk to Keso for some exclusive background news (actually the conversation between Keso and me is limited to a few Hello so far ^_^). I gave my thumb-up to him and I think it is a really good news. Here are my thoughts:

The Chinese web2.0 market is not mature, and we need some specialists to point out a good direction to those fragile Chinese startups. We need some guidance and 5G can definitely be an efficient channel for Keso to contribute his priceless experience. Unfortunately, we only have one Keso but the Chinese Internet desperately needs more.

“Blogger” has found its position in Chinese web2.0, the netizen, the mainstream medias and even the government have seriously shown the interests on the blogosphere. However, it is still very hard to find a professional blogger in China. I have seen many very good foreign entrepreneurs were very active in the blogosphere, they built their fame from blogging, and also take blogging and feeds-reading as an important part of their lives. There should be more and more journalists and entrepreneurs come from the bloggers, which is what I really believe the way to drive the future’s Internet. 

The web2.0 is an easy-to-say-and-hard-to-do. It could be deadly easy to profile a web2.0 startup and comment on its pro and con, but it could be a completely different thing to actually run it. I think Keso is brave. He stands up to run his own startup and also takes much more responsibilities to help other startups (I know Keso has advised many startups before, but need mention that, now he is dealing with his Customers, and the friendship may not work very well any more).

The news says 5G has already sign several contracts with the web2.0 companies such as the leading Chinese video-sharing site No surprise for me at all, I am sure Keso can easily find a customer with his massive resources. So congrats to Keso, with my very best wishes.  

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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  1. I read Chinese bloggers occasionally and find them difficult to follow.

    While it is not fair to generalize but I find more of them just sensational rather informational or indeed authoritative.

  2. Thanks for the comments 59box.

    I think I agree with you. Most of them are very sensational as you described and also Emotional.

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