It is my pleasure to introduce you my good friend, Xin Chen (Ben) who we have been known each other for over 10 years. Ben has been with Cisco in the Silicon Valley for over 6 years (as a truly loyal Engineer).

Cisco brought me into networking; my passion for the Internet and Web2.0 brought me to blogging. has been running for a while to bridge the Chinese Internet with the global market. Ben and I share the thoughts and insight of the Internet market almost every week recently. I really hope Ben’s join can bring us more stories directly from the west, as he just did on the previous post.

My Chinese roots brought me to MOBINODE. China deploys the best and latest infrastructure and commands the largest and youngest Internet population. Its web2.0 industry will be an explosion. I just hope I could help to spread radiation.

My life may become much busier in the coming months, and I do believe MOBINODE can attract more eyeballs with Ben’s contribution, and with of course your comments.

MOBINODE is a small and also an open place, please feel free to contact us if you have stories to tell.

To reach Ben, here it is: ben.chen At

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