I always love Mojiti because it really brings the fresh air to the video-sharing market. Again, I am very happy to preview its new version. The updates include (thanks to Christina, Business Manager of Mojiti):

1. Multimedia annotations that allow you to add Audio or Video Spots into your video. Add music, your own voice or recorded web cam video directly in the video.
2. Freehand annotations that allows you to draw directly on the video screen.
3. Updated look and feel for Mojiti to enhance your annotation experience and allow Mojiti features to be more discoverable and simple to use.
4. RSS Feed Spot where you can provide us the URL to an RSS Feed and we will dynamically stream the comments from the feed directly on top of the video. This Spot type appears a lot like news or stock tickers that you see when watching various tv programs.
5. Mojiti-2-Go bookmarklet that allows you to take the Mojiti annotation experience with you to other video sharing sites like Youtube or Metacafe. By adding our free bookmarklet, annotating videos on other video sharing sites is as easy as doing it on Mojiti.
6. A Community Translation feature that allows users to translate the Mojiti website. With the Mojiti community representing well over 50 countries, now anyone can volunteer and help us make Mojiti more accessible to users around the world.

Do you know which one I like most? It’s the RSS Feed Spot. What a brilliant idea. You provide the address of your feed then people can discover your contents right on the video. If I have time, I would love to take a nice video demonstrating my site with the summaries of my posts on it. It could be a nice advertisement (or you can call it a badge, or a widget) of MOBINODE. See the screenshot. (I was about to embed the video here, but unfortunately the authentication is required in order to view it because it is currently hosted on the Mojiti’s preview server. )

The release will be available to the public on 5th, April, dont miss it!

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