Yupoo, one of the most popular Chinese photo-sharing sites recently made an announcement and became the first Chinese web embracing the OpenID.

Even though I am not sure how much impact it can bring on the Chinese Internet, I would say it is an unusual and exciting news.  I was watching a videoclip in which a quite famous Chinese Internet veteran gave a speech in an International Internet Forum talking about the web2.0 and SNS. I do respect him but I have to say his understanding and comments on the trend of Internet is too superficial.  (Well, I know in his eyes, I might just be a startup).

Let’s say we have two different views of Internet, Macro Internet and Micro Internet. Micro Internet here means the individual (web2.0) site. The copycat is still the symptom of Chinese web (btw, the target of the new round of copying is the Twitter.com), but there is no doubt that more and more young entrepreneurs now truly understand the SNS, the Blogosphere, the Wiki, the RSS Syndication etc. You can find some of them are very creative and also brave, and some start with copycats but soon they will walk on their own ways. What is the Macro Internet? Semantic web, OpenID, MicroformatWidgetization etc these are the technology/ideas will improve the Internet’s efficiency, authority, security etc and eventually change the way of communicating with the web. In China, not many people is aware of it, few of them is talking about it. Yupoo took the first action, which is Cool.

My definitions of Macro and Micro Internet are not mature at all, so feel free criticize it. What is the next update after OpenID then? Shall we say Content Label which is my friend, Sam, editor of Vecosys passionate about, maybe?


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  1. I like your idea of macro and micro internet. According to me OpenID is the Web2.0 SSO. By the way i found, http://www.openid.cn/ but it seems there nothing on it 🙁 … do you know more about Chinese OpenID providers ?

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