MOBINODE has been quiet for quite a while due to my trip back to China (Internet) in the past three weeks. With a box of business cards, hours of discussion with local startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, editors, business people and VCs, the image of China Internet is more clear for me. I will, once I fully digest them, blog my thoughts here. But before that, let’s start with a short but interesting story about

When I was in Beijing around 10th, April, friends told me was scheduled to be launched in May but also said the exact date was not clear because rumor said was still not really ready for Chinese. In about two weeks time since then, beta is open to public.

I am not a fan of, the only interest for me in is that how it localizes itself in China: Its search engine is not powered by Google any more (as least there is no Google logo next to the search button, there is no Google logo next to the search button, but it appears at the search result page. ^_^); The interface is of course fully translated into Chinese; Some channels such as Comedy, Film are removed. I guess the reason is that either the Chinese maybe not interested or the contents are not sufficient yet; The Video channel does not appear there, even I found some users complained in the Forum that they are not even allowed to embeded video on their blog. I am not sure why the video-sharing bit is not integrated but we’d better wait; As for the contents, the apparently share the user base and even datas (e.g. Music) with its International sites, I felt I was playing with the simply because the limited Chinese contents were overwhelmed by the international users.

All the experience above brought one funny question, what is the Nationality of And I think this question can also go to any Internet company who has or is willing to come to China. Being a Foreigner in this market is no good at all; Being a pure Chinese is the best thing but usually easy to say hard to do; So will the ABC (America-Born Chinese) be an option? The Half-Caste is always beautiful, will this apply to the Internet market? is a very special social networks in China, but the truth is that it is still in Beta.

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