Going to the global actually is neither something the Chinese Internet companies have to do, nor a metric to judge the success of their business. But as a Chinese living on the Internet business abroad, I am always looking for some news from the China web. I think you can imagine the feeling from the Chinese who live in U.S watching Yao Ming’s game, it is a pride, the Chinese pride. 

I had two nice gathering in Shanghai and HongKong, with some friends who are passionate with the Internet business. They speak English much more fluently than Mandarin, they have very international background and experience, they are unknown to the majority China web and even the Chinese bloggers rarely mention them. I dont know how far they can go, but they definitely have the potentials. So who are they:


Vincent – e-Business Operation Director of Goodbaby which is the China’s largest manufacturer and supplier of infants and children’s products;

Jerry – BD Director of PopEnglish.tv which provides a place for language exchange and more;

Jim – from iTalki.com which is a global language learning community;

John – Founder of Hao8Hao.com which offers a showstage to the users based on video-sharing;

Lauren – Founder of XTimeline.com, this site is currently required authorization to access, so I’d better leave it as a secret for now;

Alan – General Manager, China of Geni.com which is founded by former Paypal COO and now looking into Chinese market.

and a special thanks to my good friend Calvin who helps me organize the gathering.


Simon – Founder of Bullpoo.com (which is an investment advisory site allowing user to make risk-free simulated investments, we have profiled it here) and his team;

David – Founder of EditGrid.com (profile can be found here) which offers a very professional and powerful online spreadsheet service;

Angus – very influential Tech blogger in HK;

Edmund – Founder of LifesterBlog.com (profile can be found here) which provides a special blog service with some handy service integration tools.

Simon – Founder of WaZhua.com which has been profiled here;

And the following guys are also have years of experience abroad, their startups are always on the top-list  of my favourites:

Bo – who founded Douban.com after he’s back from U.S. Douban.com has been widely recognized as No.1 innovative Chinese web2.0.

Allen – who is also back from U.S and the founder of Yobo.com. Yobo.com provides pandora.com like service at beginning (we have profiled it here) and much more now; Allen is also the co-founder of Baihe.com, the biggest SN for dating.

Lei – who lives in U.S and is the founder of Yeeyan.com which probably the No.1 translation community.

Eric – who is back from U.S and the founder of Mojiti.com, we have mentioned it several times;

And finally, two foreigners we must mention here because they are so good:

Netanel – Partner & SVP at Maxthon. I dont think Maxthon can obtain such a global notice without his effort;

Ken – Founder of ChinesePod.com which was ranked 2006 TOP10 Podcast site by TIME. He is actually very famous in Shanghai already with his Kaien English Training Center.

Open Mind, Bi-Culture, Less Copycats, More Innovation and Confidence with global insight, they are very special in the China web, aren’t they?

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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  1. Yeah, douban.com is a great and popular website in china, and it’s english version douban.net is successful too, it takes me much time to visite them and discuss with some people there everyday…

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