It’s quite interesting that several stories coming to me recently are all relevant to the Feed market. Here they are:

The first one could be a breaking news. It is revealed on Vecosys, a blog hosted by my good friend Sam (who was the editor of TechCrunch UK). Sam has been told by a true trusted friend that Google is buying the Feedburner, the dominating feeds management service provider in the worldwide market. It will be another big action after the Google’s acquisition of the DoubleClick. Think it over, if it is proved to be true, it would be indeed a smart and also a nature step for Google. As RSS becomes more and more popular, the idea of the Feed is much more accepted and used by the netizens. There is no doubt that the Feed Ads market actually has its great potential due to the user base and deeper influence.

Back to the Feedburner (well, maybe we have to call it something like GBurner in the near future). A user from which has become probably the largest Chinese translation community did a post calling on a translation team for the project of Chinese version of Feedburner, which made people feel that Feedburner is planning the China adventure. Feedburner has already got the fame in Japan, so there is no reason that it can not come to China. But, I’m not sure whether it is a bit late or not. The local dominator Feedsky has been working hard for a long while to wake up the domestic market and it is already the No.1 in the world with the huge number of feeds under its management. Well, I also have a bit worry about Feedsky. It has very good relationship with local BSPs, but it is still not that attractive to the independent blogs where the Feedburner’s icon is of more occurrence; Furthermore, Chinese blog is still sort of new-born market, the chance can be open to everyone.

My good friend, Mr. Xinxin Lv must be quite busy these days, as his Feedsky is going to release the English version. Need to mention that his foreign partner has very strong background, I’m really looking forward. I had a short conversation with Xinxin when I was in Beijing last time on how he could compete with Feedburner, he said he wouldn’t expect the users of Feedburner can be convinced to use his service( which I absolutely agree, that tiny icon with the number of subscription is like the drug to the bloggers from the first day it was put on the blogs) , and his task is to explore new users.

Feedsky is planning out, while Feedburner comes in. In the meanwhile, a clone of Feedsky called FeedTea (personally, I like the name. Drinking a cup of tea while reading the feeds would be really enjoyable life) was spotted by Yee. Frankly speaking, this FeedTea is not tasty enough yet and it is more like a demo. Now the question is that whether this new FeedTea has planned a good strategy to compete with Feedsky in China?

Feedburner, Feedsky and FeedTea, whichever you are going to use in future, I think it is good to the Chinese feed market. Most important is that they will tell more Chinese netizens what exactly the feed is, together!

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  1. I think RSS will really go mainstream as soon as Windows Vista does. Vista is going to have an RSS desktop widget, and I think that is the best chance that RSS has of being used by the masses.

    Until then, I expect online apps like bloglines and google reader will continue to only be used by more net-savy surfers.

    As for feedsky, I think it’s great. But I don’t think they can keep up with all the new features that feedburner can roll out on a regular basis.

    And because of that, I don’t think they (or feedtea) can compete.

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