This is really an interesting and breaking news. Yesterday, some medias have reported that HiPiHi would close its first round investment (close to $10million) soon. Today, I got an email from Eda, Director of Frenzoo, a HongKong based company. I know Frenzoo is another 3D social networking company months ago, but it was in close-beta test and I could not get a chance to try it. But now the title of the press release Eda forwarded to me absolutely surprised me. Frenzoo is founded by Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), established by the four co-founding engineers of Internet telephony software company Skype. ASI will acquire a stake as part of a Series A founding round in Frenzoo.

Here is a brief introduction about Frenzoo if you have not heard of it. The following is from the press release:

Frenzoo enables teenagers and young adults to connect with their friends and become budding fashionistas. Frenzoo users can express themselves by personalizing their own virtual 3D characters, and play mix-and-match with a variety of branded clothes, footwear, accessories, furniture and lifestyle items.

With an aim to be the leading 3D social networking platform in Asia Pacific, Frenzoo is dedicated to the region’s high-growth, lucrative and yet underserved youth market. Frenzoo offers a unique opportunity for brands and interactive agencies to engage deeply with a fashion-conscious online community, to help increase brand loyalty and drive incremental sales.

Hmm.. So it is 3D, but may not like either Second Life or HiPiHi. It is about Fashion and Style and its target market is the Youth only.

You can read the full article here. Do check back, more information will be updated soon. ^_^

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