HongKong based Frenzoo really rocked the world yesterday, it’s covered by Mashable! and TechCrunch. Eda, director of Frenzoo has done absolutely a good job.

Frenzoo is still in close-beta test. Eda said there is still a bit tunning job to do. For you guys are very curious about this new 3D online world, I think we have to wait for a while, but it wont be long. Before you get the invitation to try it, here are some screenshots I am sure you will find them very interesting. After a quick chat with Eda (as you can imagine, she is very busy at this moment), I am very glad that she sent me these lovely screenshots (Click for larger image):

Login WindowLogin
Create your character
 Your Place
Go Shopping
Social Networking

Hmm… What is your thoughts? I am pretty sure that the Girls must love it!!!
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