Blog Change(s) China – this is the words really impressed me today. You agree on this or not, it is not the topic I want to argue here. It is the slogan of a fairly new site, China Blogger Union (C.B.U) which I tracked through my Mybloglog.


China Blogger Network (CBN) is co-founded by my good friend Riku. CBN is organized more like the Web2.0 Workgroup. It actually consists of 10 good tech blogs, has over 50000 subscription in total and 1.5million hits every month. It is pretty good traffic, isn’t? If you are startups or advertiser, I suggest you to contact them, they will not disappoint you, I am sure. To get all the blogs in CBN in one go, you can check its Universe.

As for the C.B.U, it is actually a blog for blogging the Chinese top bloggers, which is what I found out on its About Us. They say they are going to interview those influential Chinese blogger individually and introduce them to world. I like the idea. I even think some of those bloggers understand the Internet much better than those so-called Chinese Internet veterans, and they represent the future of China web.

C.B.U currently is looking for editors (two of them do the posts in Chinese and another two translate the posts into English). If you get free time, please join them.

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