According to the posts in VirtualWorldNews and Centric Thoughts, The Chinese virtual world HiPiHi has talked to the Japan-based company Centric which now became HiPiHi’s first western development partner. Second Life was in Beijing a few weeks ago, and the resource also told me that HiPiHi would have a meeting with another potential partner from U.S. So, are we going to see a Japanese version or English version of HiPiHi? How and When?

A new version of HiPiHi client will be released next week. Check the screenshot followed, is this virtual world getting more REAL?

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to run Hipihi under English language Windows XP.

    I installed the Asian language pack, and have the Windows XP language bar showing Chinese PRC on the left and on the right. Hipihi makes it as far as the login screen, where I can enter my Hipihi name, but when I move into the password field, nothing happens when I press keys, no characters appear, no markers for hidden characters, no action at all occurs when I press keys while the cursor is in the password field.

    I get the same results whether I select English or Chinese as the language during the installation process.

    Has anyone successfully installed and run Hipihi under an English version of Windows?

    Might it work if I make Chinese the default languge for Windows to use on bootup? I’m quite reluctant to do that, since I might find it impossible to figure out how to switch it back to English.

    Any help in getting Hipihi to run under Windows XP English version would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i kinda have the same problem…but thing gets to 20% then closes,
    Any suggestions?

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