1TB Hard Drive Only Costs Your £19.95

It is really a bargain, and I bet you will never find it in the next 10 years. In Apple UK online shop, the Iomega 1TB Value Series Hard Drive with USB2.0 Interface only costs you £19.95.

Gogo…Goooooo!!! It is a much much better offer than IPhone..!

UPDATE: This Offer has been closed. ;-( Apparently, it was a mistake by Apple, maybe Apple was too busy with its iPhone deals…

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  1. Lots of people from my forums have cashed in on this and one from supersava, which is a laptop for £70 (worth like.. 400)

    Hopefully got 3 coming my way, provided apple don’t jew everyone over.

  2. I bought one and this morning I got an email from Apple telling me that due to some clauses in their terms, they were allowed to cancel the order. Seems that the lawyers won.
    Thing is though… they even changed the item in the order status so that there’s no trace of their f**k up, instead it looks like they cancelled an order for a Dymo label writer so no-one will likely ask questions when reviewing apple’s order cancellations, and I can’t appeal because there’s no trace that they made the error because the order code is the same but they have changed its content to some dummy item. What a bunch of cowboys!!!!

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