MOBINODE is featured on VCTV – VENTURE CAP TV (formerly known as SI with KTY). Thanks to my friend, Kristina for her kind words:

Gang Lu, advisor and Mobinode author. He’s developed a sharp expertise in web/mobile technologies and companies in China that everyone really should know about.  Lu likens the Chinese start-up market to the Forbidden City – saying that not many people from the outside knows what is really happening there. He shares his inside knowledge with us.

It is proud to know that the little buzz generated by the MOBINODE has been heard by more and more bloggers, decision-makers and VCs who are outside China but interested with the Chinese Internet/Mobile market. Friends say MOBINODE has the potential, but I would say, it is the Dragon’s Web has the potential.

…I do believe that in the next 2 or 3 years some start-ups will come out of China and storm the global market. I have met so many young entrepreneurs who are passionate about the web2.0 business. They are creative, they are very smart, and most importantly, in my opinion, they are multi-cultured.  

They are well-educated in the western ways, so they understand the trend of the Internet/mobile market. They also understand the Chinese culture, so they can have millions of users behind them. And, another fact about China: there is much more VC money than the demand for it. It will not be easy, but I would not be surprised to see the Chinese Internet rock the world by 2010…

The interview is fully covered on VCTV this week. I shared some general ideas with Kristina there. If you want to continue reading on MOBINODE,  probably my Travel in China Web [1] [2] and [3] will help you walk through the Chinese web.

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