[Ed: The following post was actually written 2 weeks ago, but in Chinese with more details. It seems that Frenzoo has now opened its public test, you need apply for the Membership first.]

First please allow me to say thanks to two lovely ladies: Eda, thank you very much for inviting me to attend the private test; and Eva, my wife, she was very happy to help me finish the trial when I did not get a clue when facing so many lovely clothing and fashion stuff. Most of the user experience in the post are from Eva, I think you can feel how excited a girl is with Frenzoo.

Frenzoo will be very attractive to young people, especially to girls:

A. What do you want to look like in the virtual life? Want to be perfect? In Frenzoo’s world, you can adjust your nose, eye, eyebrow, mouth, face etc. It is very detailed, but Eva wishes the program can give her more instruction because she sort of did not get a clue how to do these at the beginning.

B. Girls like shopping, care about the hair style, love the accessories, and they live the same way in Frenzoo. But unlike the real life, here you have the chance to try different hair style, different fashions. All these of course will cost you the (virtual) money. Eva nearly used up all my starting deposit to buy a full set of clothing, shoes, necklace, earrings… It actually inspires me a possible business model. In the future, the fashion companies could design a special version of their new collections and promote them in Frenzoo before release them to the markets. It could be a win-win strategy, there may be more shopping goods for the users in Frenzoo, and the fashion companies can also do the (visual) market search, collect the feedback, etc.

C. In Frenzoo, you are also given the opportunity to have your own home. You can also buy a set of furniture.

The experience on the Social Networks is very limited when I was testing it (there is no many users anyway). Frenzoo client has integrated its own version of Instant Messenger where you can search for friends and chat with them (not sure if it supports group chat).  

We have wrote quite a few posts talking about the virtual world (Second Life and HiPiHi), and here comes Frenzoo. I love Frenzoo. I think its target market is quite clear and the potential business model is also durable and profitable. However, I would not compare Frenzoo with the other two virtual worlds. What the Second Life presents you and what HiPiHi will present you is a much more Open space where the users can not only consume the virtual goods, but also create them. In other words, Frenzoo creates a beautiful world for the girls and boys; The worlds in SL and HiPiHi are created by the residents (users).

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