It is quite a coincidence. I am thinking these days to introduce some local (UK) events, such as OpenCoffee, BarCamp, Geek Dinner and Startups Meetup to the visitors who can read my Chinese MOBINODE. Living in the NorthWest of UK, I am really impressed by the organizing of those events and the enthusiasm of the participants. I was always wondering if any of these events are hosted in China, how could that be. My point here is the Culture Difference, I will come back to this point in another post. The story here is that BarCamp Shanghai 2 is coming in Sept (CWR also has it covered).


It is very interesting to find out that BarCamp Shanghai is actually quite international. It is introduced and organized by some international friends and the BarCamp Shanghai 2006 was regarded as a nice open space where the Chinese and westerns can exchange the ideas and experience.

BarCamp Shanghai is definitely an Un-conference you should go if you want to meet some local geeks, startups, angel investors and even VCs. However, the question pops up in my mind, maybe you would think it is a quite funny one, is that whether one day we are going to copy the idea of OpenCoffee. If it is a YES (I am sure soon some guys will introduce it into China), considering the Tea is much popular than Coffee, shall we change the name to OpenTea? And, since the local Chinese should understand Tea more than Coffee, so will it make more sense to have more local Chinese organize/design the event?

I do wish you can follow my logic here. FYI, you can find more information about BarCamp Sheffield organized organized by Dean Sadler, CIO of, and BarCamp Leeds organized by ex-editor of TechCrunch UK, Imran Ali.

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