Bullpoo.com, a Hongkong-based startup and an online platform providing the virtual stock transactions through a simulated means, has relaunched last weekend. Bullpoo has been first covered on this blog here.

With a brand new look which I really think it is a beautiful design, Bullpoo has introduced/enhanced a few nice features, including:

  • Margin Trading – For each trade, the user will be given the option to borrow up to 100% of the total amount;
  • Events System – Any related information concerning the user, such as the holdings, blogs or forecasts, are immediately shown as an alert directly on the “My Organizer” page;
  • Multiple Portfolios – Now the user can categorize his/her portfolio holdings. If the user wants to split off his/her aggressive stocks from his/her balanced investments, he/she just needs to make a new portfolio to hold them, and track each one’s performance independently.
  • Virtual Brokerages – To make the simulated trading more realistic, Bullpoo introduces three different brokerages for you to choose from. Each brokerage has its own pros and cons, from commission rates to interest charges.

I talked to Bullpoo’s CEO, Simon, he also mentioned some coming features which are going to be released very soon. What interested me most are:

  • Canadian Stocks and Content – Bullpoo is now focusing on U.S. stock market only, and Canada will be the first of many international exchanges soon. I think it could be a milestone for Bullpoo’s expanding its user base.
  • Widgets – With Bullpoo’s new portfolio and forecast wdigets, the user will be able to track his/her performance on a daily basis on 3rd party website.

It is absolutely a cool move for Bullpoo. An interesting question from me is that, whether Bullpoo looks too western? The Chinese stock market this year has driven people crazy, can Bullpoo do something catch up with it and please the Chinese users? I do hope so.
BullPoo also has a Refer-A-Friend Promotion program. If you start inviting friends to join the BullPoo investor community. Share your blogs, virtual trades and more. You will have the chance to win an abulous gift card prizes from either Starbucks Coffee or Apple iTunes. Take-a-Tour on the new Bullpoo, should be good!

Bullpoo.com New Launch

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