I still remember when I first came to UK years ago, I logged on the university computer and tried to send a few emails to some friends in China. Minutes later, I was so frustrated because there was no IME for Chinese pre-installed and as a student I was not allowed to install a IME into these public computers.

Thanks to Ben Croxogod , Director of HKday.net Ltd. and his team who brings me a brilliant idea call AjaxIME, namely Online Ajax-based Input Method. They also gave this ajax-based IME the name, GownFull (with similar pronunciation with KongFu in Cantonese).


It’s cool experience. Start the GownFull, choose the input method (five input methods are now supported, including the Greek input), e.g. Pinyin – the usual way for Chinese input, here you go. Just click on the Input or TextArea and start typing, the candidate Chinese characters appear on a floating window. You can try the Demo here.

GownFull looks a small idea but I think it spotted a good market place. IME is a very important part of the operating system, but I have not seen any existing web-based OS comes with a cool solution like what GownFull does.

GownFull is still at an early stage. If you want to contact them or contribute, visit their google group.

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