It could be HongKong Web2.0 Week this week on MOBINODE, another HongKong based site will be covered here in the coming post shortly. But before we finish that post, let’s give more words again to a very young but unique open blogging platform in China,

Edmund, founder of Lifesterblog pinged me last week and introduced me some new updates on this open blogging and social platform. The new updates include:

  • New designed Homepage – The uses now are able to see the Featured Blog, Featured Posts etc on the start page.
  • New designed User Profile page – The user can now track who visits your blog, manage his favorite contents etc.
  • More functionalities introduced to play with the posts, books, pictures, movies etc.
  • Further integration with Yupoo’s service.
  • CSS-based Customized Blog Template.
  • Widget support

If you read another post I just wrote, where I said Bullpoo looks a bit too western since they have not spent much effort on the Chinese market. Also based in HongKong, Lifesterblog seems growing in a much more Chinese way. It has an English version, but it is basically just a Chinese-to-English translation of the interface.

Be more Chinese or be more English? HongKong-based startups should take the advantages of multi-culture but it might also be a question of how to balance both easter and western culture and make most of it. Lifesterblog also integrates Flickr, but people may tell you that Flickr has been blocked in China.

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