HiPiHi Ltd., the China-based founder of the 3D virtual world, announced its global strategy on today in Singapore. This strategy is aimed to standardize the 3D virtual world and establish a world-wide collaboration in this 3D Internet market.

“Three parts are involved in HiPiHi’s global strategy. First, HiPiHi will cooperate with global leaders in the Internet and communication industry to establish a set of relevant hardware and software standards for the development of the 3D platform. Second, HiPiHi will cooperate with other major 3D virtual worlds to finalize these standards, and bring the possibility for users to interact and transact between different virtual worlds. Lastly, HiPiHi will actively build its “Global Market Partnership Project”, “Third Party Developer Project” and “Community Partnership Project”, to establish a HiPiHi virtual world global value chain. ” – from HiPiHi’s Press Release today.

Hui Xu, founder of HiPiHi told us that HiPiHi had talked to  a few international companies such as IBM, Intel and Second Life to start drafting these standards. The strategic investors have also been revealed, but the information is very limited: $3million is from one of its strategic investors, ngi group. We have mentioned the first target market for HiPiHi would be Japan. ngi group (formerly known as netage group), is also one of the largest shareholders of Japan’s largest social network “Mixi“. It is interesting to see how NGI group is going to help HiPiHi’s global strategy.

Hui Xu currently is in Singapore for his keynote on State of Play V, the first time this Chinese virtual world present itself to the global audience.