After nearly 23 month intensive development, another large scale 3D virtual world – Novoking is finally unveiled. We are not sure yet how this new virtual world will stand out in this hottest market, but we do believe the release of Novoking will further drive the popularity of 3D virtual world raised by Second Life, There and HiPiHi.

Founded by a very experienced entrepreneur Mr. Patrick Zha in Oct 2005, Novoking is designed and operated by Novoking (Beijing) technology Limited Co. You believe or not, its 50 people-team has been working day in and day out quietly in a small office in ZhongGuanCun Technology Park, the incubator of many China IT companies, for nearly 2 years.

The Novoking’s target user group is 16-35 years old Internet generation, especially female group (It might remind you of another girl’s virtual world, Frenzoo). Seeking for a enjoyable life is the key theme for this group of people, and we were told that Novoking would provide an on-line virtual social platform to the youngsters to express, entertain themselves, and make new friends just like in the real life. Unlike SecondLife and HiPiHi, Novoking will ‘prepare’ the discotheque, bar, night-club, fashion show, furniture show, pets shop and games, to let the beginners feel ‘busy’ with trying different new things since the first day they live in, experience the new virtual live and form the resident sociality quickly.

According to the reliable source, Novoking will launch its private beta test in this September, and it is expected to be open to public in 6 months after the beta test.

We are really impressed by the screenshots from Novoking’s world. The full collection of these screenshots can be browsed on Flickr.

comprehensive interview with Novoking will be presented here shortly. Stay tuned!


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  1. Nice find. How did you find out about this? I spend a lot of time looking for virtual world info, and I’d like to know how to come across it faster and with less effort.

    I am not sure why exactly but I get the impression this might remind a person somewhat of the Kaneva virtual world in beta. The pre-designed activity centers sound Kaneva-ish.

    I would like to register for the beta. The registration page I could find is in Chinese, and the Google translation of the page didn’t really make me comfortable that I could fill it in with confidence that I would be doing it correctly. Can anyone help with a translation and explanation of the registration page? The page is at http://www.novoking.com/DemoUserInfoReg.asp .

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