World Economic Forum Inaugural Annual Meeting of The New Champions, also called Summer Davos is now taking place in Dalian, China. Although it is not an Internet/Mobile industry specific event, but I do feel it is a big event for Chinese Internet and I am hoping there will be some impact coming afterwards.

Check out who are there,

Jimmy Wales – Founder and Chair Emeritus of Wikia, will join the session ‘Harnessing Collective Intelligence: The Role of Online Communities’ together with Issac Mao, Founder and Partner of Social Brain Foundation

Cory Doctorow – Co-editor of Boing Boing and author of the book Essential Blogging

Martin Varsavsky – Chief Executive Officer of FON, will join the session ‘Disruptive Business Models’

Tariq Krim – Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Netvibes Ltd., will join the session ‘New Frontiers in Internet Technology’

Of course there are many more big names out there. You can check Kaiser Kuo’s blog for more coverage.

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