Mojiti, only ten months old Chinese video startup is acquired by, reported by TechCrunch.

I am proud

I dont know how Eric Feng, founder of Mojiti feels about the acquisition, but I am proud. My post published on ReadWriteWeb in January probably the first one reported in details (I did another post here too). I thought it was brilliant way playing with video-sharing, and Richard MacManus actually renamed the original post to call it China’s YouTube 2.0. I am not sure wether that post helped Mojiti’s growing, but it did attracted more eyeballs from the western.

the Chinese video-sharing market should be proud

There are so many so-called Chinese YouTubes fighting it out there on the Chinese web2.0 battleground, people say more than 90% of them will turn out to be a video-bubble. However now we have seen one accepted by the U.S. market. Is it a surprise? No. The innovation explains everything.

But, how many Chinese YouTubes will care?

I dont know. Maybe one or two, maybe none. Chinese YouTubes are too Chinese and they only care about the title with Chinese No.1… A few of them has the potential, but since they didn’t have the ambition from the very beginning, there is a long way to go.

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