It is not a new story. A 36 years old Carphoneware house salesman, not tall, fat and no one will use the word ‘handsome’ to describe him was singing opera on Britain’s Got Talent show. When he stepped onto the stage in a cheap terrible suit and told the judges and audience he was going to sing the opera, everyone might think it’s a joke. However, when he started, he turned to be complete different man. He was confident, the voice was so powerful and unbelievable. I actually watched this show live on TV, but today I came across this video-clip and just could not stop watching it over and over again. I am so touched, it is a show nothing to do with the web2.0 business, but I learn a lot from it.

If you are passionate for what you believe, if you understand the best of yourself and are confident to fulfill your dream, you can be a super star in the web2.0 show, which is the essence of web2.0, isn’t?

Watch the video please if you have not, it is Paul Potts.

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