[MOBINODE has done several posts recently to let you know how to learn Chinese, how to write Chinese and how to look up a Chinese word online. If you can manage a little bit Chinese, let me guess what you are thinking for next move. Work in China?! Chinese market is massive, big names like it, oversea startups like it, so You, why not come here to challenge yourself? This post is about how to find a job in China, and the highlight is a HongKong-based company, NewChinaCareer.com]


HongKong-based NewChinaCareer.com is founded by Doron Vermaat in early 2006 and officially launched in 11st January 2007. NewChinaCareer provides a English language online recruitment platform for Greater China region. In NewChinaCareer, the recruiters/employers can post jobs, search for the resume, build premium job lists and also do the advertisement. For the job seekers, they can upload the CVs free of charge, subscribe the service by email and rss feeds.

Since the launch, NewChinaCareer has had more than 30000 job postings (currently more than 16000 online), 5000 registered job seekers (note that you don’t have to register to use the site and apply for jobs) and almost 500 active recruiting companies.

“NewChinaCareer was based on the Freemium business model until recent, so we were able to create a huge database of jobs clients in a short period of time. Early this month, we just switched to a pricing model for advertising clients and present our first rate card.” Doron told us. Doron is also the Managing Director of NewChinaCareer.

The online recruitment market in China

Although there are many local (city-based, region-based) online recruitment sites and some portals also launched their channel for job seeking and job posting, this market is mostly shared by three big ones, Zhaopin.com, 51job.com and ChinaHR.com. Note that ChinaHR.com has been acquired a 40 per cent stake ($50million) by Monster.com two years ago. There are also several web2.0 sites joining the competition, such as Jobui.com,

The online English recruitment platform

As a startup, NewChinaCareer definitely can not compete with those big ones since they provide Chinese interface and serve thousands of Chinese-only local companies. As for the English recruitment platform, NewChinaCareer is not the only one in the market too. Zhaopin.com has its English channel, 51job.com does so and ChinaHR.com also launched its English version. However, NewChinaCareer is actually the only one seriously doing this job. I did a quick search for ‘Director’ in Internet/E-commerce category and location is set to Beijing. Both Zhaopin and 51job returned me some results mixed with English and Chinese; The funny thing is that ChinaHR even displays the results back in its Chinese interface. Only NewChinaCareer gave me a nice-displayed English results.

Who is more Web2.0

Zhaopin, 51job and ChinaHR are still very web1.0 style (especially, I hate pop-up Ads!) and I dont think they will have a major update in near futures. Doron told us that they were going to launch some high quality content tools and widgets for small websites and weblogs soon. Besides, they are already providing larger portals with “white label” job content on a affiliate basis, For example, enterSingapore.info.


Seriously, If you are willing to work in China, get NewChinaCareer as your first step of job hunting. For myself, I am quite expecting a Job Board powered by NewChinaCareer on this blog .

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  1. finally a job board with english job content that is offering more than just teaching jobs. im looking for a job in IT in shanghai and this site has been very useful 🙂

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