A World Waiting For You – NOVOking Launched Private Beta Test

The new Chinese 3D virtual world, NOVOking finally launched its private beta test. I am honored to pay it a visit at the first day. [for English-only readers, NOVOKing also launched its English version website]

I wrote about HiPiHi at the first day it launched its private test, I felt like I was reborn. The first visit to Novoking, I would like to describe my feeling: It is a world waiting for me.

Unlike HiPiHi which needs the users to create their own world from very beginning, NOVOKing has prepared a world waiting for you to explore it. Chatting, Fashion, Entertainment, Trading Center, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, Park and so on, whatever you need in your real social life, they have been all considered in NOVOKing’s kingdom. Although, we have to ask the question, how will these social elements finally function well together? I can not tell you more about it from current test version.

NOVOKing and HiPiHi, two virtual worlds are now live from China and also driven to different direction. Will they compete with each other? If NOVOKing can attract the users from the first day when they become a “Novo folks” by its well-established system and gradually train them to improve the world (NOVOKing allows that users upload their own interesting stuff created by 3DMax and Maya), will HiPiHi become a world only for Geeks? If HiPiHi manages to standardize the virtual worlds and build a NOVOKing-like society inside it, will NOVOKing become a redundant space? I dont know how to make the conclusion, and I hope that it would not end in both ways.

Some photos were taken in NOVOKing, do you like my avatar?