Are you bored of lagged video when surfing some video sites? Are you suffering slow download in iTune? If you are, here comes a nice solution. SpeedyiTunes, a product developed by a Shenzhen based company named 360Publish, is a lightweight (only 705k) freeware video accelerator which can smooth your YouTube, MySapce video, Yahoo Video, AOL video, Veoh and many other 300+ alike video sites.

By taking the advantage of the Content Delivery Cloud (CDC) technology, SpeedyiTunes automatically improves the streaming video download by creating multiple downstream pipes. It runs in the background, and it will be automatically triggered to accelerate the streaming video in the background when you visit the YouTube-like video sites.

SpeedyiTunes is just out of beta today and released its 1.0 RC version. Featured with the support to 300+ video-sharing sites and most popular browsers, SpeedyiTunes also launched its Premium version for iTunes. You use iTunes as usual, but with SpeedyiTunes Premium your iTunes download can be accelerated up to 10 times faster. It also smoothes your lagged iTunes radio and accelerates Apple software update download.

My two cents

– What I am really expecting is the MAC version of SpeediTunes. The iTunes users normally are MAC lovers, so it is very important to make them happy.

– SpeedyiTunes is based in China to accelerate the online video. However, I dont understand why none of those popular video sites, such as Tudou, Mofile etc is mentioned in the introduction on the site (even though It seems working for Tudou when I tried it.). The video-sharing market is hot in China, I bet the Chinese users will be happy to have it installed. Probably those sites will be glad to know their videos can be accelerated on the client site too?

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  1. Thanks for this I would not have spotted it otherwise. I am learning Mandarin but often can only get usable download times at certain times of the day for Chinese video sites (I am based in the United Kingdom). This software improves the usability of these site for me a lot. Todou, Mofile and Yoqoo all seem to work.

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