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Facebook.com, the hottest web2.0 is coming to China, and I even heard that the site (Chinese version of Facebook, probably) could be launched by end of this year. Regarding the domain, the registrant of Facebook.cn is Facebook Inc., the Facebook.com.cn is registered to Xinnet.com but it is already redirected to Facebook.com.

Will Facebook succeed in China? This might be the hottest topic in the Chinese Internet in coming days. I do believe that there is no social network similar to Facebook in China (you may remind me of the Chinese clone of Facebook – Xiaonei.com. Well, I’d rather say Xiaonei.com is a typical Chinese social network with a Facebook-like look and feel.) , but I also think the possibility of getting Chinese users or companies to love Facebook’s open platform is very low. Be careful, the Chinese Internet is not open yet and people also don’t really care about an open platform; a Facebook without the open platform is like a iPhone without WiFi support, will be a hard sale in China.

Is Facebook coming to China? Or it is better to say the Chinese version of Facebook will be launched soon, which will be more doable, I think.

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