iPhone.6.cn (or m.6.cn) is the iPhone edition of 6.cn, a popular Chinese video sharing site. As far as I know, It is the second iPhone optimized site officially launched by Chinese Internet companies (HongKong-based EditGrid launched its iPhone edition in September). It is pretty cool, as now you can watch many videos which can not be found on YouTube. 😉

So I am thinking…


1. What if Tudou.com gets an English version of iPhone site.

Tudou.com is the No.1 Chinese video sharing site. It is a Chinese-only site, but surprisedly I realized recently that it is also has its fame in western Internet life. So I brought this question to Tudou when I visited them days ago, but the answer I got is that they have not had plan to expand to the global market, yet. Fair enough, to get a well-established top video site fully converted to an English site will not be easy, and I am sure there will some other issues required to be solved first. However, iPhone edition, as a simplified version of original site, would it be an easy implementation? Load’s of foreigners will be happy to see that, I am pretty sure.

2. What if iPhone finally comes to China.

I don’t think that iPhone will officially come to China in near future. The reasons are: 1. Locked SIM card is not an existing business model in China. 2. China Mobile (if it gets the deal in the end) will not be so generous to allow users buy music directly from iTune. 3. Apple might need the licence in order to have Wi-Fi module enabled.

But anyway, let’s assume iPhone is in China. So it has to be localized, then the question is which site is going to replace YouTube? Can we also expect many more Chinese mobile applications launched for iPhone? You never know.

3. What if Chinese is happy with iPhone.

MacOS Dashboard introduced the first widget platform in desktop computer; iPhone runs the the MacOS X with embeded Safari browsers, which means a lot to conventional Internet services. Geeks will love iPhone, will that be a threat to Nokia in its mobile Internet business? Will they boost the Chinese Mobile 2.0 together?

Sorry for my What-if here, it might look naive for you. Since China has 500million mobile phone users and 3G is coming next year, it is worthy of your thinking, isn’t?

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  1. Yeah, I noticed that little iPhone option on the bottom of the videos too. 6.cn seems to be improving their service a lot these days. It’s interesting that they are targeting their mobile delivery specifically for the iPhone, and not for all mobile handsets.

    I think if any video site will replace youtube, it should be tudou. Although youku is looking pretty competitive these days. I’d go so far as to say their site runs a little quicker than tudou for me on my “ancient” laptop.

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