Innobook, co-founded by Xinyu Mao, Anbudangche and Jia Liu, was launched in late October, 2007. It is a free Chinese e-book publishing and sharing platform. In cooperation with Yeeyan, five e-books have been translated in Chinese and now free to download (25,000+ downloads so far) on Innobook, including Personal Branding (William Arruda), Next Generation Media: The Global Shift (by Richard Adler), The Bootstrapper’s Bible (by Seth Godin), Advertising 2.0 (by Paul Beelen), What is Social Media (by Antony Mayfield) under Creative Commons 2.5 license.

Led by Lei Zhang, founder of Yeeyan, the Chinese version of Inside Facebook has been published through traditional press recently. The three founders of Innobook met each other in Yeeyan, so I am asking Jia how she see the difference between Innobook and Yeeyan. Jia said: “Innobook and Yeeyan are basically partners. Innobook provides collectible PDF form e-books and arouses enjoyable reading experience. Moreover, we will focus more on Chinese content based e-books and that would be a different approach compared to translation. We don’t plan to publish our books through traditional presses due to high cost and time-consuming process. ”

Talking about the plan in 2008, Jia told me, “we will consider to get more contributors to help us out from content generation to editing and PDF production. Everybody could volunteer to contribute but without permission they can’t publish their final work. This policy is very demanding because we need to guarantee the quality of the e-books.”

Currently, the platform is operated in a non-profit manner contributing to Chinese readers by providing valuable free e-books and charity projects such as Red Pencil Plan through placing free advertisements both on the homepage and in the e-books. I do wish that Innobook can be more commercial at some stage. Passion can drive everything, but sometime we need profit to be the fuel.

“Innobook is working hard on e-books’ quality and quantity to enhance its influences within the Chinese Internet world. Future partners and advertisers are welcomed to contact the team regarding any cooperation opportunities.” Jia added.

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