pizzahut-kfc-macdonalds It was the Boxing day, I was sitting with a friend in a PizzaHut here in Sheffield, UK. The food is OK, but minutes later, we started talking about the PizzaHut in China, the Chinese KFC and Macdonald’s, then came the conclusion, those food in China is so great and much more tasty! I don’t know if you agree with me on this if you are from western, actually such conversation and memories always happen here between Chinese.

Google is not rocking China, neither does Yahoo and some others, but KFC, Macdonald’s and PizzaHut are definitely into Chinese life style. They are probably nothing to do the Web2.0 industry, but in terms of Localization, there is something we should learn. Here is a simple study:

Web2.0 Restaurant
Management Local teams in local branches
Look-and-feel of the website  Fancy Chinese style websites with happy Chinese faces;
Offline promotion Organizing local events, competitions and parties; sponsoring local events;
Online activities e-voucher, customer communities , RSS feed, WAP service etc
Contents Food in Chinese recipe, e.g. Peking Chicken Roll of KFC, Afternoon Tea of Pizzahut and many other fantastic local food
Local Partners KFC partners with Mengniu (milk product supplier)

Hehe, any idea inspired by this? What an easy lesson, but seems nobody in the Internet industry learn it very well…Hey, make your business tasty for Chinese.

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