Zero2IPO Group, a leading integrated service provider in China VC/PE industry, today launched an innovative data service – China Venture Database.

According to an email sent from Gavin Ni, CEO of Zero2IPO, China Venture Database is the most comprehensive, accurate and timely online database that allows worldwide users to access venture capital, private equity and private companies’ transactions from China. With China Venture Database, the users can efficiently research and analyze investments by getting deep information on active VC/PE funds profiles, funds commitment, portfolio companies, M&A and IPO data, and latest investment trends.

Zero2IPO has kept tracking Chinese industry for years starting from 2000, all the data and information on the database are collected through quarterly questionnaire, interviews with investment professionals and authentic public information. China Venture Database covers:

  • VC/PE – 400+ active VC/PE funds with covering in mainland China
  • People – 5000+ VC/PE investors and professionals, VC/PE-backed entrepreneurs
  • Deal – 2000+ transactions including VC/PE investments, M&A and IPO
  • Company – 1000+ VC/PE-backed companies

So, if you’d love to get the updated and accurate information in China VC/PE industry, the site is open for registration today and you can get a free trial there.

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