I have been told by Henry, the taiwan based engineer from Kindo.com that Kindo has secured the seed funding from Estonia-based Ambient Sound Investments which is formed by Skype’s founding engineers. The news has been broken by Mike of TechCrunch (UK). I love Mike’s writing, but honestly this one is not a good post and Mike need more time in the research of the family-tree industry. Congratulation to Kindo, I am sure it will boost the industry too.

Kindo is available in 14 languages. With the cash in hand, I guess they now have to make a decision (maybe they have already made the decision) on how to take the globalization further. The product development, the EU/US market etc will keep their guys busier than ever, I am very curious about how much resource Kindo will allocate on Asia, especially the Chinese market. As a startup, they need focus on their local market (EU/US) which must be their key target. I have seen tens of companies who launched Chinese version of their sites, then it is the end of the stories. I would be more exciting to find a western company have its office set up in Asian region to run the market locally.

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