In a rare departure away from China-oriented Web2.0, we will take a look at resume-creation portal Emurse. Emurse has caught my radar recently as I was on a flurry of searching an acceptable resume-generating website. Emurse was delightfuly to the rescue. Amid Emurse almost neat-and-clean resume-generation. I was surprised to realized that there was no comparable competitor. This is odd, given that the catching-up timeframe for a startup like this should be short.


A free account allows user to have two resume saved with three templates. The fun feature about Emurse is that it has preloaded Sections for us to pick and fill up, amongst them “Personal Information”, “Education” and the list goes on.

The neat thing about emurse are two. Firstly, it allows you to create a small widget to paste it on your blog or whatsoever. This squarish widget allows a user to download the resume in formats that include ODT, DOC, PDF, TXT and RTF. Alternatively, just view it on the a emurse-hosted page. The second cool feature is that, for every view of your resume, you are notified and the viewer’s IP and other information is stored! View logs are also shown in a nice chart. A statistical proof of how popular(or unpopular) your resume is. How’s that?


As mentioned, user get to choose Sections of resume to fill up. For example, in the “Education” section, you will fill up sections such as “CGPA” and “University”. This makes resume-creation very easy. However, not all Sections give you such detailed input as some sections just give you a single textbox.

Also, the lack of HTML control means that you only get a very generic resume. Of course, one might argue that resume is not meant to look fancy. But hey! Choice is power, and emurse ought to provide this power.


The idea of creating a resume online is not new, but there aren’t any formidable rival to emurse. Emurse can quickly capture market by introducing different language. On the mean time, I’ll continue immersing in emurse.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review.

    We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the service and continually test out new features. Stronger support for international markets is most certainly on our radar. Hopefully soon 🙂


    Alex Rudloff

  2. Welcome Alex, it’s our pleasure to review exciting products.

    Btw, I have been playing with emurse abit, I have problems with links. Most of my links have a break tag at the end. Thus giving a deadlink.

    Known problem?

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