Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice believed to utilize the Laws of both Heaven and Earth, to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi which is in traditional Chinese culture believed to be part of every living thing that exists, as a kind of “life force” or “spiritual energy”. Lots of Chinese believe in Feng Shui, especially in HongKong. To celebrate the Chinese new year, Nokia HongKong recently released a S60 software which is free to download and can be used to ‘predict’ your Feng Shui in 2008. Phone Shui which I read from a HongKong local newspaper in early Feb, is definitely the best localization I found ever.

The Chinese version of Widsets has also approached 4 million users. With the understanding and respect of the local culture, the Nokia local teams are doing a great work in China area. Nokia has become a household name and sounds already like a local brand.

What local people cares is what really matters for your business, which also applies to Internet/Mobile business.

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  1. Boy, how wrong I was. 4 1/2 weeks later with no phones – and a very unhappy set of people that couldn’t talk with mocospace.com customers – I was desperate. We needed to find a phone system and we needed it fast.

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