When I saw it’s in my friend’s hand, I was wondering that why he brought a PSP with him as it was supposedly to be a business meeting. Obviously he saw the question on my face and kindly handed this gadget over to me. Wow, it is the Lenovo MID (Mobile Internet Device) which has been shown off at this year’s CES and was also reported by Engadget.

It is just a sample device for testing and software development. 4.8-inch touchscreen display, built-in camera and a number pad (for the phone usage) on the right side, its size is even larger than a PSP (I did not expect that)! Lenovo MID is running Linux powered operating system but the most exciting part of it is that it is WiMax powered. It is the first WiMax mobile device I have ever seen.

Levono MID

I did not get the full specification of Lenovo MID yet, but my friend said this MID would be in production in April. With the advantage of WiMax (>5 miles communication range), this device will be used in some games of Beijing Olympics, such as Rowing.

As a fan of electric gadget, I will not consider to buy one as it does looks too heavy. However, I’d love to see its product version and what its performance is in next several months.

A video (actually it is the only video) demoing some features of Lenovo MID can be found on YouTube,

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