LexDex is a service that can help student create the flashcards from textbooks online. The students can also study the flashcard on line, and even download them to their mobile phones

LexDex was founded by three American guys who have all recently graduated from university. The development of this site was inspired by their quest to find better ways to study languages throughout their time at university. Having spent many hours creating flashcards, and toting bags of them around so that they could study outside of the library or home, they thought that there had to be a better way.After moving to Shanghai, they found that learning Chinese continued to present the same challenges that they encountered in college, and so decided to develop LexDex as a solution. 


LexDex is still at an early stage. Now it appears to be just a language learning tool by which the vocabularies are picked up from language textbooks (Chinese, Spanish textbooks, etc) and can be ‘printed’ on the flashcards. The team said, “We are concentrating on language learning right now, and are working on getting all of the languages up before we move onto other subject areas. In addition to working on other languages, we are also working on developing other applications of the data we have databased from the textbooks, such as a hangman game and different sorts of quizzes that allow students to test their knowledge of the material they are learning. When we move to the other subject areas, the flashcards will look essentially the same, just with different content!”. A nice tutorial can be found demonstrating how LexDex works.

There are some online services that allow you create online and mobile flashcard. FlashMyBrain is the one I found very interesting and providing even more powerful tools for creating flashcard. It has a graphical flash card editor for users to actually draw the contents on the flashcard. But LexDex is probably the only one can make the student’s life easier because their flashcards are created from the textbooks. I expect more from LexDex, e.g. more languages, broader range of contents, more study tools, communities for better communicate and flashcards sharing, etc. The current version of LexDex is free, but it will be subscription based in the future.

LexDex is angel funded. “Our product is meant to complement a university or high school class, rather than to replace it like so many study tools available today. Currently we are working with foreign university and high school students here in China, but we hope to expand to the US very soon”, said David Pauker, co-founder of LexDex and Camille Hartmann, marketing manger.

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