ReadWriteWeb has wrote an excellent post introducing the online video coverage of Olympics 2008. It is about mainstream video broadcasting. If you are interested in seeing what is happening in China from the perspective of those who are there on real time, what can you do?

Qik, the Silicon Valley based company which has not got Chinese version of web site yet, provides the solution. Using Qik, you can share moments of your life with your friends, family and the world directly from your cell phone!

Audrey from Qik sent me a message saying:

Journalists and spectators are at the Games, broadcasting live video from their cell phones using Qik. Everything from the opening ceremonies to behind the scenes moments will be captured over the duration of the Games, and to make it easy, we’re putting all of the Olympics videos in one place:

The idea is absolutely brilliant. Just point your mobile phone when you are at the games and stream video live to your your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. without worrying about the storage of your mobile phone.  If the cellular networks in China is good enough or you get wifi connection, why not try it out to share your moments in Olympics with the world?

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