We believe that the family-centered social networks can be more than building the Family Trees and they will be accepted as an efficient way to connect family members as well as friends. Famento, a new service just launched its beta version yesterday has the similar insight. It encourages people: share your family stories.

Famento lets you keep in touch with people you care about, and tell them about your life using photos, videos, stories, and more. In the beta version, users can create profiles, write stories about them, their family members and friends, upload photos, publish events, invite friends and write lifecast (miniblog), etc. Famento is a social network but different from many others: It keeps a private network of people that you care about; It focus on sharing deep content about your life and your family history; It keeps all of your family members (live and deceased), and the stories of their lives connected in one network.

Famento is a privately funded company based in San Francisco. Its co-founders, Lauren Kwan and Kevin Chen also founded XTimeline, a service launched last year lets users create and contribute to the timeline on any subject. No surprise, the XTimeline service has been integrated into Famento so that the family stories can be nicely organized.

Lauren has built a public tribute for her grandmother Ye Mei Shuang where you can better understand what Famento can serve you. Some new features such as Family trees and groups will be rolled out soon.

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  1. seems that family-based SN are picking up alot of steams lately. All the players are crowding this piece of niche SN market.

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